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Established in 2018, First Drop Photography combines my love of theme parks with photography, as I strive to capture the best of UK theme parks and attractions.

My interest in theme parks originates from a trip to Pleasurewood Hills with my parents, along with a visit to Chessington World of Adventures with my auntie and sister in the 1990s, where I managed to experience some of the original attractions such as ‘Professor Burp’s Bubble Works’, ‘Terror Tomb’, ‘Dragon Falls’ and ‘The Vampire’.  These visits, along with many rides on ‘The Snails’ at Great Yarmouth’s Joyland, prompted me to study the industry in more detail as I fell in love with the sector. Most recently, I have completed two seasons with Merlin Entertainments for Halloween.

Today, along side my day to day work, I travel up and down the country to capture some of the many rides and attractions this country has to offer. This is something I hope to expand into further, as I visit more and more parks within the UK, in the hope of working with more businesses to provide photos for their social media and marketing needs.

Should you be interested in working with me, please get in contact to discuss your needs.

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First Drop Photography

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