Situated in Surrey, Thorpe Park Resort is a major theme park located between the towns of Staines and Chertsey. Built on a former gravel pit that has since been filled in and flooded, the park appears to be situated on an island surrounded by water. 

Operated by Merlin Entertainments Group, the Resort consists of a theme park and ‘bite-sized’ cabin accommodation. It is also home to the UK’s fastest rollercoaster, Stealth.


WWTP Radio’s latest coverage from the speedway was suddenly interrupted when a tidal wave struck the area. With the potential of further storm surges, the small fishing village of Amity Cove lies in tatters.

Dock Yard

Welcome to the Dock Yard, home of the famous Thorpe Jct. containing an old Victorian carriage suspended in chains. Those who arrive… survive!

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Lost City

Have you discovered the Lost City and the ancient mystery that is the ‘Power of Ten’? For centuries it laid undiscovered, that was until 2002 when Colossus Tours began to offer excursions to the heritage site.

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Old Town

Home to a defunct logging company, Old Town laid dormant up until recently when the local saw mill reopened for trade. Many avoided the town for years, after tragedy struck the local community when the Sleeper Express crashed close to the town’s ‘Platform 15’.  Today, ghost tours and the recent murder’s of Jigsaw in the nearby warehouse bring tourists to the area.

Swarm Island

Shut the doors and windows, lock them, and stay where you are to remain safe!
We were warned, we didn’t listen and they are here! Is this the end of the world?

The Jungle

Welcome to the jungle, a tropical paradise featuring an active volcano and river rapids.  Beware of the monkeys, otherwise you’ll have to escape the jungle in double quick time!

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