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Welcome to First Drop Photography, a photographic and creative media service tailored towards capturing the best of UK theme parks and attractions!

Established in 2018, First Drop Photography has amassed over 5250 followers (November 2023) on Instagram and continues to grow into one of the go-to accounts in the UK for theme park and attraction imagery; proving popular with followers for quality shots and interaction. Since 2021, over 179,000 likes were recorded on 609 posts making it a hive of activity, with many followers commenting on the quality of imagery and content.

First Drop Photography has provided photos and resources to the likes of Merlin Annual Pass, Merlin Magic Making, and Funderworld – the UK’s largest traveling theme park, in addition to the numerous social shares from other parks and ride manufacturers.

Find out more about our services, the photographer behind the camera, and how to get in contact to discuss your project by reading on!

A note from the photographer

Hey, thank you for your interest in First Drop Photography.

Since you are visiting this site then I am pleased to say that we have something in common… our love for UK theme parks and attractions! For me, the sector provides a magical escape from everyday life, and I enjoy visiting them.

For many years I have had a keen interest in the industry, even selecting it for study in my undergraduate degree by focusing on Business Management and Tourism Management. In the years since I have gone on to work in education as a fully qualified teacher and I have worked on projects focusing on (and involving the industry) as I share my passion with younger generations. Over the past few years, it has also been such a pleasure to work in the industry to discover what it means to provide memories for the guests visiting!

Today, in addition to the above, I am now pleased to offer my creativity to others through my imagery as I capture the best of UK theme parks and attractions!

I look forward to your feedback and hope that I may be able to help you out on your next project, but should you not find the answer to your question then just get in touch!

All the best,


How I capture the best of parks and attractions

Theme Park photography can be a crowded market; therefore it is important to stand out from the crowd and get noticed!

When shooting, I always try to look for that unique shot by considering the angle and depth. It is easy to point and shoot but does the shot really create excitement?

Sometimes it does, but more are looking to engage in alternative and distinctive content.

Thankfully, my current setup with a mirrorless Olympus camera that is 34% smaller, and 36% lighter than conventional SLRs, allows me to obtain those unique shots without the need for obtrusive lenses, enabling me to shoot high and low.

The super large electronic viewfinder also lets me see the results of the creative settings directly in the EVF, or for harder obtained shots, the imagery is displayed on a ‘vari-angle’ LCD display.

Post-production, I can edit images using market-leading software to ensure the images are exactly right, therefore creating the perfect image for your social media or marketing campaign.

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Classic Nemesis – Alton Towers Resort
The Librarian – The Attic: Terror of the Towers

I am pleased to offer the following services through First Drop Photography:

  • Photography
  • Graphics
  • Social Media Videography
  • Merchandise Opportunities

To discuss your next project, please email First Drop Photography using the contact form. Alternatively, email me personally at

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Saw: The Ride – Proposed Ticket Campaign Graphic
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