Back in the 1990s, my interest in visiting theme parks began with a day out with my parents to Pleasurewood Hills, along with a coach trip to Chessington World of Adventures with my auntie and sister.  The original ‘Professor Burps Bubbleworks’, ‘Terror Tomb’, ‘Dragon Falls’ and ‘Vampire’ stick vividly in my mind, along with the memories of watching my dad on an upside down pirate ship whilst money dropped from the pockets of guests above.  This prompted me to study travel and tourism at college and beyond; however, whilst not the career I went on to have, I still hold a keen interest in the sector.

Ever since, I have visited a number of UK theme parks and attractions, even working for one temporarily, and over recent years I have begun to capture the best of these parks and attractions through photography.

Since August 2018, First Drop Photography has been contacted by UK theme parks on numerous occasions, asking if they are able to share our photos on their social media profile. This is something we are keen to pursue further, therefore we would be interested in hearing about any further opportunities to work with stakeholders within the sector.

Finally, a big thank you to you for visiting First Drop Photography’s online portfolio, your support really means a lot!

Best wishes,