This year, the Alton Towers Resort introduced a brand-new carnival styled event for the 2021 season which took place across the Staffordshire theme park between 22nd May and 20th June 2021.

Taking it to the Streets

The Mardi Gras event saw a mixture of live entertainment and food stalls across the park as it was transformed with an explosion of colours, sounds and high energy entertainment for the beginning of the summer season!

As part of the event, the park’s extended entertainments team were split into various areas across the park to entertain the crowds through dance “Krewes”. Krewes included the ‘Voodoo Krewe’ located in Fountain Square, ‘X-Sector Krewe’, ‘Forbidden Valley Krewe’ ‘Kantaga Canyon Krewe’ and ‘Mutiny Bay Krewe’. Many watched on and others were encouraged to join in with the party vibe as they danced to upbeat tunes at various points of the day in their respective areas. At the beginning and end of each day, the Krewes all congregated on Towers Street to say hello and goodbye to guests.

In addition to the ‘Krewes’, live entertainment was provided on the lawns at the bottom of Towers Street for families to enjoy, including ‘Sir Algenon’s Time Travelling Starship’ show, featuring characters past and present from Alton Towers history. Families were able to sit down on the benches to enjoy their show and picnics, or food from the special offerings in ‘Food Street’. There were also live bands and carnival performers who entertained around the stalls.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable event to attend and capture, and as I am sure you’ll agree, part of the Alton Towers Resort magic shone!

It is a solid start to what could become a popular event at the resort in the future, however, I would welcome more high-quality theming added to Towers Street to greet guests as it didn’t match up to the usual standard seen at Towers. I would also like to see more variety in the entertainment offered, as it would have been nice to see more musical performances from professionals. The extended opening hours of the event were also welcomed, but overall, it was great to see the park buzzing with excitement once again!

Until next time, keep well and safe!


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