This summer, a brand new event has hit the Thorpe Park Resort line-up in the form of Park Vibes!

In what continues to be a challenging year, the Surrey theme park is attempting to give guests a feel-good event that promises to “awaken your senses at the UK’s most thrilling theme-park” by soaking up the summer vibes with street dancers, live music, street entertainment and more!

To celebrate this brand new event, a brand new range of merchandise has been also released to tie into the event in the form of iron-on patches, wall pendants, pin badges and several items of clothing.

Around the park, various ‘busker stands’ had been set up for performers to entertain guests, however, on the day of my visit, not many acts were around but I must admit, it was a quiet day so they may not have had as many booked. Even still, it would have been nice to see a few more around the park from the afternoon start time!

I did get to experience the Thorpe Park Entertainments team though; who were bringing vibes to the crowds watching on, squirting guests playfully with water pistols, along with a busker near to the Nemesis Inferno queue line who was singing and playing his guitar. Unfortunately, I was unaware of the showtimes for the Street Dance Show, but I have now seen that times have been added on the Official Thorpe Park Resort app making it easier for guests to catch, should they wish. Hopefully, the locations of other acts will be given in the future too, even if it is generalised with times to allow a variety of acts to take the position.

In terms of the atmosphere around the park, I did sense the upbeat mood which was helped by the brightly coloured flags positioned throughout the park which match in nicely with the merchandise mentioned earlier. My only niggle was the exclusion of Saw: The Ride from the park flags, but with the ride being an IP it is understandable.

A big shout out must go to Archie Steven and Nick Hutson though, who worked on the ParkVibe soundtracks for Detetionator, Rumba ‘RAP’ids and other rides such as Stealth and Colossus. I must admit, I was singing along and phrases such “Splash to the left, Splash to the right” and “Mic Drop” added to the fun!

ParkVibes is a solid start to an event that will hopefully return next year. I look forward to seeing what comes next!

Until next time, keep safe and have fun!


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