On Saturday 13th May 2023, First Drop Photography was invited to Chessington World of Adventures to experience the World of Jumanji ahead of today’s official opening!

Boasting in total three brand new themed rides, the World of Jumanji marks Chessington World of Adventures largest investment to date, bringing further thrills to the resort for the whole family! Fans of the film franchise will also love the brand-new area as it brings to life the movies through this well designed and detailed land, activities, snacks, games stalls, and merchandise. There is also multiple ‘Easter Eggs’ hidden throughout the land, referencing the films, so be sure to look out for those when you visit!

As part of our invite, we took along our very own 1.2m trepid explorer, my five-year-old nephew who absolutely loved World of Jumanji. It was an absolute privilege to experience a brand-new land though his eyes as he ran from ride to ride. One of his favourites being Mamba Strike, a SBF Visa Top Dancer flat. His eyes lit up as it rotated in both directions, throwing him up towards the snake fangs before dropping towards the ground again. It was so good, he wanted to ride again straight away! Ostrich Stampede, another SBF Visa branded ride, also proved a hit as he bounced up and down on this whirlwind ride, smiling throughout!

The headline attraction for this brand-new area is, of course, Mandrill Mayhem – a thrilling ride that launches you forwards and backwards at 42 miles per hour and turns upside down as you head towards the loop around a 17-meter-high jaguar shrine! Manufactured by Bolliger and Mabillard, the coaster marks Chessington’s first invention, and backwards travelling coaster. In addition, the ride is also the United Kingdom’s second winged coaster, following The Swarm at the Thorpe Park Resort!

In total, Mandrill Mayhem accelerates you four times throughout the ride as riders are launched backwards out of the station before rolling down towards the launch through the station towards the ride’s only inversion over the entrance portal. Thrill seekers are then once again accelerated up to the top of the jaguar shrine before rolling down and being launched backwards towards the inversion, before resting the station. While many may consider the front row to be the best, I had the best time riding row 7 which sees riders curl up the track to before being launched backwards through the station! While the others return to the station backwards, row 7 provides you with a unique ride experience as your row is the only one to travel forwards! Bagging this row will be down to the luck of the draw as riders are batched outside of the station on numbered spots, but whatever row you are allocated, you are guaranteed a thrilling ride!

The area is spectacular and marks a continuation of immersive areas/lands which Merin Entertainments are trying to achieve throughout its portfolio. It is certainly an area to get ‘lost in’ as you explore the well themed areas within. The Bazaar is a great little area as you exit from Mandrill Mayhem station into the outdoor market gift shop. The various vehicles dotted around add to the areas feel.

The World of Jumanji provides a welcomed addition to Chessington World of Adventures, reaffirming its position as an animal and exploration theme park for families. Monuments such as Tiger Rock, Croc Drop and now the Jaguar Shrine add a consistency and uniqueness across the park, separating it from other parks, and in some ways exceeding them.

World of Jumanji Media Day Gallery
15th May 2023 – Official Press Release


Today, Chessington World of Adventures Resort opens its gates to the much-anticipated attraction, World of Jumanji. The world’s first Jumanji themed land brings Sony Pictures’ box office hit film franchise to life in Chessington’s wildest adventure yet for families, with the world’s ONLY Jumanji rollercoaster, two additional rides and much more.

World of Jumanji in numbers

Chessington’s single largest investment in its history is a feat of engineering, with 144 tonnes of steel track bringing to life the world’s ONLY Jumanji rollercoaster, Mandrill Mayhem – the equivalent weight of ninety-six hippos.

In the time it’s taken to construct/build World of Jumanji, you could have watched Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 1,368 times.

Following in the footsteps of the film series’ intrepid characters, guests have the opportunity to locate the Jaguar’s Eye Jewel, lift the curse and save Jumanji, in an ongoing series of heart pounding family adventures found within the new land.

Three new rides

The first adventure, Mandrill Mayhem, is a winged, launch, shuttle rollercoaster, with Chessington’s first inversion. Riders from just 1.2m tall, are swept up in the long arms of a mandrill only to be flipped upside down at 42 miles per hour while dodging the hazards of the jungle and spiralling to the summit of the 55ft tall Jaguar Shrine. Sound fun!? How about falling and braving the whole adventure again, this time travelling backwards!

Next up, dodge the fangs of the black mamba on a dizzying, untameable ride in the bazaar, Mamba Strike, which has riders soaring into the sky before swooping back down again. Continue the adventure, swerving a herd of stampeding ostriches on a whirlwind ride in the dunes on Ostrich Stampede.

Alongside three new rides, families encounter other Jumanji-themed activities, including a maze of pathways reminiscent of the boardgame in the 1996 film. To keep adventurers fuelled, there’s themed refreshments in the Bazaar… but there’s no cake!

Themed Hotel bedrooms

Those who wish to extend their stay – although in a little more comfort than the movie franchises’ courageous characters – can spend a night in one of six NEW World of Jumanji themed bedrooms at the Chessington Safari Hotel.

Scott O’Neil, CEO of Merlin Entertainments, which operates Chessington, said: “Whether you are a fan of the films, a fan of rollercoasters or are looking to take your family adventures to The Next Level, the amazing World of Jumanji is ready to welcome all ‘those who seek to find, a way to leave their world behind’. Years in the making by the best teams in the business and full of ‘firsts’, we can’t wait to share the adventures within World of Jumanji. And, with Chessington’s first inversion we know that we have created an experience that will turn seasoned enthusiasts – and a new generation of rollercoaster fans – upside down.”

Jeffrey Godsick, EVP of Global Partnerships and Brand Management and Head of Location Based Entertainment at Sony Pictures Entertainment, added: “We are excited to have collaborated on a global scale with top tier industry talent at Merlin Entertainments and Chessington World of Adventures Resort for this achievement. The Jumanji franchise has generations of fans who can now enjoy the story in a whole new way. The opening of World of Jumanji will provide a unique thrilling experience for all adventurers for many years to come.”

Visit Chessington.com/Jumanji to book tickets and a stay