This week, after an impressive 33 years of operation, fans of the Log Flume at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach waved goodbye to the attraction. This was after a decision was taken to remove the ride due to its high running costs.

The final decision was taken when the company considered replacing the salt water used on the ride with a freshwater filtration system. However, after corrosion was found in the station, the repairs and updates needed were deemed too much. The Log Flume also accounted for 20% of the whole site’s energy bills.

Albert Jones, Managing Director at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, reported that the ride had come to the end of its life. Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach’s owners have promised a replacement ride and investment in new attractions.

Since the announcement to close the ride back in November 2022, the Log Flume carriages and signage have been sold off for charity.

Below, First Drop Photography looks back at the attraction that operated between 1989 and 2022.

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Instagram Announcement
The sun sets over the demolished Log Flume – Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Instagram

Thanks for the memories, old girl ♥️

We will never forget the splashes, the smiles, and most importantly, the special moments you provided us all over the years 🪵

Over £5500 was raised through auctioned Log Flume memorabilia, all of which has been donated to charities in the area. We hope this money will have a positive impact on many people in the local community 🙏🏻

Here’s to a bright future 🌅
April 2023 – Easter Sunday Update

Once a hive of activity and splashtastic fun, the Log Flume site has been cordoned off ready for future development. The log flume structure and station have all been cleared, and all that remains of the former attraction are the walls and concrete base to the splash pool.

It is yet unknown what will take its place, but hopefully a brand-new attraction (or attractions) will take its place very soon. Our hope is that a brand-new rollercoaster will take its place, similar to Rage at Adventure Island at Southend-on-Sea, or more ambitiously, a brand-new entrance building that will allow the site to be reconfigured over the coming years with other new attractions throughout.