Advertised as Britain’s best mobile theme park, Funderworld promises an array of thrilling rides, family fun, and a fantastic day out which has something for everyone. As always, it is always a pleasure to be invited down to Funderworld Theme Park which returned to Norwich this May, after a stint in Bristol earlier this year, to provide an unbiased review.

After a successful run with their Winter Wonderland event in December, the organisers are back with Funderworld, bringing back selected rides and attractions to feature at this event. At Winter Wonderland Norwich, RJ and I experienced some of the thrill rides and entertainment the event had to offer, but for Funderworld, I was keen to cover the family side of the event!

Summer Vibes

Visiting on the final Wednesday of the run, we were a little worried that we would be experiencing Funderworld in the rain due to the random weather the UK has experienced over half term, however we were pleasantly surprised that the sun came out for our visit, which provided a welcome break from the randomness!

Arriving at Norfolk showground we parked up easily and made our way to the ticket booth where we easily redeemed our wrist bands using our booking confirmation. Putting on our 4 hour timed wrist bands we made our way through security to explore the thrills within.

Family Rides

With my niece, nephew, sister, and even my mum in tow, we headed straight to the inflatable slide that immediately caught my nephew’s eye. He was excited to climb up and slide down multiple times, which not only brought smiles but also set the tone for our timed session.

I must admit, I’m proud that my nephew is becoming a thrill-seeker like me. He quickly noticed the bigger rides, so we headed to Crazy Mouse, a favourite of mine. We went on it three or four times with minimal queueing, solidifying it as one of his favorites too! He also loved the new Magic Circus funhouse and the Giant Wheel, both new additions for 2024. His face lit up on the Dodgems, Sizzler Twister, and the Caterpillar Coaster, which is faster than it looks. He even pointed out AirMaxx and Red Devil, and he wanted to ride Freefall with me! Considering he’s only six, he shows no fear for future rides, but he also enjoyed the smaller rides with his younger sister.

At just two years old, my niece still had plenty of rides to enjoy too. She loved the Go Gator coaster, Mini Wave Swinger, Teacups & Saucers, Toys 2 Ride, and Train Ride. Unfortunately, Mini Miami was not attended which did disappoint both who wanted to ride, and when asking a staff member, they were unsure when and if it would open. Regardless, she was happy wandering around the large open spaces, playing with the bouncy ball on a cord which she won at the Hook a Duck stall.

Food and Entertainment

Since our last visit in 2022, games stalls have been scaled back. There isn’t as many as previous years, such as the Kentucky Derby or claw machines which once dotted the event, but enough to provide all the fun of the fair for those seeking to try their luck by either hooking a duck, kicking a ball, or trying to score the perfect store, or hoop. Crazy Golf also returned to provide a little bit of competition between friends and family.

Various food and drink stalls can be found within the middle of the event, with hot food, crepes, donuts, sweets, and slushes all being offered. Whilst we decided against visiting the hot food stand, we did grab some cookies and muffins from ‘Coffee on the Quay’ which were tasty. The coffee and walnut muffin is a must!


Funderworld felt a bit smaller compared to previous visits, especially with the absence of attractions like the Sky Swing. However, this might be because we’ve been spoiled by the magical experience of Winter Wonderland Norwich at Christmas. It would be great to see some entertainers and live music in the future, as these elements really enhanced the Christmas event, but it is of course down to cost as hosting these events can be extremely expensive. The return of past Funderworld attractions such as the catapult, helter-skelter, and simulator would also be a welcome addition, but then again mixing up the line-up brings something new!

The bottom line is that the event still offers a fantastic day out. We managed to enjoy a substantial number of rides within the four-hour time slot, and the time just flew by! I hate to think how much we would have spent should we were charged per ride, but it would have been more than the wristband price!

My niece and nephew had a wonderful time, and their smiles and joy were priceless. Funderworld is an ideal half-term treat and a perfect afternoon outing. The friendly staff made our visit even more pleasurable, ensuring everything ran smoothly. It was evident that everyone was having a fun time, with attendance growing by the hour and adding to the event’s vibrant atmosphere. Although we didn’t experience the evening rides, the lights are sure to add to the excitement into those early summer evenings!

If you can, check it out before it moves back to Bristol in July! If not, then make sure you check out Winter Wonderland Norwich which will be returning this December!

Book Now

Funderworld is open from Thursday 2nd May until Sunday 2nd June 2024 (Excluding: 13th-19th May)

  • Little Tots Fun (Ages 3-6):
    • Price: £10 (Advance online) + Booking Fee
    • Includes unlimited riding on selected attractions.
  • Adventurer Fun (Ages 7 and above):
    • Price: £15 (Advance online) + Booking Fee
    • Unlimited riding on a wider range of attractions, including roller coasters, inflatables, and more.
  • All Rides (Height Restrictions Apply) :
    • Price: £10 (Advance online) + Booking Fee
    • Includes up to 4 hours of unlimited riding on all rides (Subject to availability)
  • Spectators (No Rides):
    • Price: £5 (Advance online) + Booking Fee
    • Only available to Adults who are not able to Ride

Tickets are available either on the door (subject to availability), or by pre-booking via Funderworld.

Note: Prices and attractions are subject to change. Please refer to the official Funderworld website for the most up-to-date information.

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