Huzza! Last week, the August Bank Holiday weekend saw the Knights of Middle England invade the beautiful grounds of Hedingham Castle in Essex for a thrilling weekend of Jousting!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the jousting group, The Knights of Middle England are a team of professional horsemen, jousters, stunt riders and actors who perform in spectacular and outstanding shows around the country, including a residence at Warwick Castle for their ‘War of the Roses’ show for the summer season!

Having witnessed these shows before, I was ecstatic to attend Hedingham Castle for the first time to watch the team perform directly in front of the Norman castle in Castle Hedingham to crowds of all ages, and wow, it did not disappoint!

It was great to see some familiar faces in the team, along with some new performers who have just as much enthusiasm to hype up the crowd in this entertaining show. The tournament itself was full of Medieval action as the team navigated the dreaded “Quintaine (man-shaped target that spins around on impact) and authentic mounted games such as collecting rings off the tilt (wooden fence that divides the two competing knights) with a lance and a pig-sticking competition, but what makes this show so different though is the engaging storyline that accompanies each show, with comical moments improvised by the team. This wasn’t just a demonstration; it was a high-class performance!

The crowd loved every moment and cheered for their favourite knight as they circled the arena performing their various skills, but credit must also go to the stunning horses which accompany the team and are the main attraction!

The Line Up

Elsewhere, Hedingham Castle was alive with action with children and the odd adult pretending to be a knight, waving wooden swords around which they purchased from the gift shop tent. Lots of families were also enjoying picnics as they watched the shows, but during the day, guests experienced a variety of attractions.

Below is a lineup of the day, which included bird of prey displays, music, archery, mechanical jousting, and many diverse types of food stalls serving up tasty treats to the crowd. In addition, visitors were able to explore the actual castle and the grounds surrounding the castle which are also used as a wedding venue.

The Line Up
Knights of Middle England
Starts at approximately 12pm and 3pm
In the Bailey Arena

Coda Falconry
Birds of Prey Displays
At 11am and 2pm in the Bailey Arena

Colchester Waits
Medieval Music
in the Bailey Arena

Norfolk Longbowmen Archery
Have a go
Learn how to use a Bow & Arrow
By the Tudor Bridge

Ride a mechanical jousting horse
Woodland trail
Merchandise, gifts and food stalls

Below is a gallery from the day, however, to sum up, Hedingham Castle provided a momentous day out for all. I was impressed with the offerings and would return without any hesitation as the grounds provide a spectacular backdrop for some interesting images!

I am certain you will be seeing me again next year!

Until next time, keep safe, keep snapping!