As you will know from my last two posts, I recently ventured back into digital art, mixing my personal images with AI-generated graphics to enhance my creations.

In this part, six more of my designs are accompanied by an explanation detailing the conception and development of my ideas.

Should you be interested in commissioning, or purchasing any of the designs, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

As the highly anticipated Nemesis Reborn debuted, I had inspiration to create a bold recruitment poster for the fictional organisation, ‘Phalanx’. At the heart of the poster lies a Phalanx soldier, clad in full gear, standing resolute against the looming presence of Nemesis. Bold and commanding typography conveys a sense of urgency and rallies viewers to action, reminiscent of the messaging from traditional military recruitment posters. The poster’s aesthetic is raw and gritty, reflecting a tone of seriousness and intensity. Additionally, elements from the “Seek the Truth” campaign, used by the resort’s marketing team, are subtly incorporated, adding depth and resonance to the design.

I must confess, this poster holds a special place in my heart as one of my favourites. It beautifully captures the nostalgic essence of historical British Railway posters, which utilised artistic imagery to showcase the allure of various British destinations. In an attempt to echo this sentiment, I crafted a mountainous backdrop as a canvas for an artistic rendition of Avalanche. The chosen image of the toboggan coaster ascending its lift hill seamlessly integrates into the scene, creating the illusion of a journey up a mountain. It’s a perfect fit.

Watch this space as you may be seeing more of this style in a future post!

With this poster, the main focus was to make the Lost City theme more apparent. The poster uses an ancient temple at its base with photos I have taken of the area’s rides incorporated throughout. To add a sense of adventure, expedition and history, a paper fold effect was added on top of the image. It reminds me of something Indiana Jones would have in his pocket in reference to his final destination, or travel plan.

In this minimalist poster design, Galactica is depicted as venturing through the portal located in Forbidden Valley. The visual focuses on Galactica’s emergence from a black hole, transitioning into the vast expanse of deep space. Initially, the design included various spacecraft and robots scattered across the scene, but they were eventually removed to enhance the poster’s aesthetic. Enthusiasts of roller coasters might recognise the clever fusion of the slogans “Prepare for Air” and “Journey Beyond” into the combined phrase “Prepare to Journey Beyond.” This homage is accentuated by the use of the distinctive typeface formerly associated with Air.

The Power of Fun is a montage of all things Paulton. From Storm Chaser to the Raging River Ride Log Flume, this retro themed poster encaptulates all things fun. The poster is bright and would easily capture the attention of those passing by, should it be on display.

Using numerous images of Wicker Man, a sketch effect was applied to each filter to give the impression they were hand drawn – fitting in perfectly with the idea that the Beornen rejects the use of modern technology. Those familiar with the Beornen’s ruins will be able to work out what words adorn the poster, but for those who are not; “Feed the Flames”, “Be Chosen”, “Beornen”, and “Wicker Man” are spelled out.