Below is a proposed marketing campaign created by First Drop Photography, that could be used by Thorpe Park Resort to encourage the purchase of online admission tickets.

The campaign below highlights just some of the services I wish to offer, more so in the future, as the First Drop brand continues to grow, however; please note for the purpose of this post, the graphics have currently not been adopted by Thorpe Park Resort. All imagery/designs belong to First Drop Photography, with exception of the Thorpe Park Resort logo.

About Thorpe Park Resort

Home to thrilling rides, attractions, live events & a themed hotel, Thorpe Park Resort is the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers featuring some of the UK’s most thrilling rides.

Thorpe Park Resort’s vision is to become the worldwide leader in branded, location-based, family entertainment, through a strategy to create a high growth, high return, family entertainment, and strong company brands.


To create awareness of Thorpe Park Resort’s tickets from £35 online admission offer, featuring imagery of the park’s five main thrill coasters, featuring Saw: The Ride, The Swarm, Stealth, Colossus, and Nemesis Inferno, through a linked campaign that can be used on Social Media and their website. It is hoped that the campaign would appeal to teenagers and young adults through brightly coloured visuals and standout phrases linked to each ride.


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