Opening in 2007, Rage at Adventure Island was one of the very first rollercoasters in the UK to feature a beyond vertical drop, measuring in at 97 degrees!

Rage sends riders on a 50-second thrilling journey up a vertical lift hill before plunging them down the drop towards a loop, cutback, and heartline roll inversion.

The ride itself tells the story of Captain Rageman who tries to escape from Doctor Flyguy’s Evil Vortex – a story which is portrayed further in the souvenir ride booklet, that is available to purchase from the on-ride photo booth at the end of your ride.

Located towards the middle of the Southend-On-Sea theme park, the ride manufactured by Gerstlauer is a compact model, making opportunities for photos aplenty. The queue line allows riders to get close to the ride, allowing for unusual and appealing shots, especially with the brightly coloured trains, supports, and tracks against a bright blue sky!

Below is just a handful of the images taken of this thrilling ride, but don’t forget to check out Instagram for even more!


Rage Fact File
Adventure Island, Southend on Sea
Manufacturer: Gerstlauer
Height: 72.2 ft
Length: 1,184.4 ft
Inversions: 3
G-Force: 4.5